All Designs © Studio Grand-Père


2019: partnership made with Japan's Martini & Rossi beverage brand where I was able to illustrate an advertising movie for a TV and Web campaign

Banila Co

2019: partnership made with Banila Co, creating a series of illustrations for Christmas, launching the Skin Starter Set and Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Marble Limited Edition


2019: partnership made with &SISTERS, creating a series of illustrations to promote their women's health care products

Books Are Magic

2019: partnership made with Books Are Magic, an independent bookstore located
in Brooklyn, NY. Creating exclusive patterns for their branded products

Elle Magazine

2019: partnership made with ELLE Magazine Belgique, in which a series of reports and a research related to women's sexual life were created


2019: partnership made with Fy!, that sells unique homeware, wall art, furniture
and accessories. Creating special phone cases and selling artworks in their shop